Reginald Potts speaks for first time at sentencing for 2007 death of Nailah Franklin

Reginald Potts speaks for first time at sentencing for 2007 death of Nailah Franklin

Reginal Potts speaks for first time since kill arrest

CHICAGO (WLS) — Convicted killer Reginald Potts spoke in his own safety for the first time tuesday during their sentencing hearing inside 2007 death of ex-girlfriend Nailah Franklin.

Potts, 39, is facing lifestyle in prison for destroying the pharmaceutical agent.

Potts would not testify during his kill test, but he previously lots to express Friday, speaking for about 40 moments. All month prosecutors bring depicted Potts as a cunning manipulator exactly who grows frustrated and aggressive when his lies were uncovered. But Potts these days mentioned he’s the target of a narrative that is false.

«I did not stalk Nailah. I didn’t murder Nailah. Duration,» Potts said.

Potts got found guilty in November. Prosecutors state Potts slain Franklin after she broke up with him. But Potts denied that Franklin is his girlfriend.

«I did not have any rage toward Nailah Franklin. I happened to be not aggravated together. I happened to be perhaps not stalking the lady,» Potts mentioned.

Throughout the five-day sentencing hearing, prosecutors called multiple witnesses just who intricate a design of crime and physical violence by Potts directed at females and members of law enforcement.

«i will be a very blunt people. You might have read that. Their deputies have heard that. I communicate my personal notice. I am not a violent people,» Potts stated.

Potts increased psychological after talking about their upbringing, expanding upwards in a broken home but enclosed by warm family members, at some point referencing Thursday’s results report distributed by Franklin’s mom.

«creating a mama and hearing Ms. Franklin’s mama talk about the end result that their girl’s passing had upon this lady, more than nothing through the sentencing hearing and throughout this trial relocated me personally,» Potts stated.

But Potts also advised the judge on monday he would not stalk the sufferer, but which he asked Franklin to get rid of calling your. Potts told the legal that Franklin also called the mother of their kids and informed her Potts wanted to posses a kid with Franklin.

Potts also defended his record of infractions during prison. The guy debated he was actually directed by protections over the past eight ages because however not accept poor therapy as other inmates perform.

Potts in addition debated that his children’s mom Natalie Figueroa was not a battered girl, but which he leftover the woman after she duped on him as he was in prison. The guy said another woman exactly who affirmed against your, Ina Dorsey, was furious because he outdated this lady but never told her he was married.

Potts did declare to kicking a home in while disappointed about to be able to check out their children. Potts subsequently study an email from Dorsey and asked the judge, «performs this seem like a battered woman?»

Potts additionally stated he charged the media for «narrative» of him stalking Franklin.

«I preferred just how my life got heading. I would personally not need tossed that away,» Potts stated. «I remain just before, and I also point out that I am innocent.

«This courtroom can be sure to enforce a phrase, but I am not will be in someone’s jail rotting out,» the guy mentioned. «And hold back until a court of review looks at this case and possibly generate a special decision.»

«we inquire once again it is off compassion and mercy,» Potts stated from the phrase. «I can’t require forgiveness for anything i did not perform.»

Thursday’s testimony concluded with Potts’ parent, exactly who coated a portrait of a kid from a damaged house who was raised to be a sensible grandfather of two babes whom he really likes quite. His testimony was in reaction to some dramatic victim-impact comments.

«Nightmares nevertheless taunt myself together shouting, moaning and extend, asking for her life. But none of us are there to save lots of the girl. Nothing of have there been to listen to their whines,» said Ashlee Allen, Franklin’s cousin.

«There were two deaths, Nailah along with her parent. The guy died because of this. He quit consuming and his awesome wellness decreased,» mentioned Maria Maner, Franklin’s mama.

The court in addition read from two condition’s attorneys detectives whom detailed a routine of assault by Potts against ladies.

Richard Lombard affirmed this one of Potts’ former girlfriends told your Potts choked the girl during a stay in a unique York area lodge.

«the guy choked their, choked the lady out, and threw this lady regarding sleep. She managed to phone resorts safety and then he fled,» stated Lombard.

Potts got convicted in Franklin’s 2007 murder. The 28-year-old drug associate ended up being asphyxiated after breaking up with Potts.

Make region Jail head Tarry Williams testified that Potts features dedicated more than 200 violations while in guardianship, including position a fire within his mobile and sabotaging plumbing system.

He had been asked in which Potts rated among evil inmates.

«During my profession, he’s reached getting top,» Williams said.

The hearing is delayed as a result of some inquiries with regards to a mobile phone that has been present in some files that Potts offered their attorneys earlier in the day recently. Potts stated the phone wasn’t his.

Judge Thomas Gainer states he will sentence Potts on Tuesday.

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